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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

Tummy Tuck

   Abdominoplasty is the procedure that gives access to all layers of the abdominal wall and thus the possibility to alter them for a firm and flat belly. It removes the sagging skin and the excess fat of the abdominal area. It restores the reluxed muscles to give a strong flat and straight abdominal wall.


Excess Skin: This is with or without excess fat. A patient can have sagging skin after a massive weight loss or excessive skin with fat that gives the image of a fat person. The fat can be trimmed and the skin can be removed and streched down.


Abdominal Wall: The muscles of the abdomen connect the upper with the lower body. When they are firm they give a straight line, a flat surface. When muscles are seperated or relaxed after years or after pregnancies, they create a bubble effect at the abdomen area that gives the image of an overweight person. Theese musles can be sutured and their firmness is restored to give back a strong, flat abdomen


Strech Marks: Strech marks usually apear after weight losses of pregnancies and most offen at the lower part of the abdomen. During the abdominoplasty the skin lower than the obilicule is being removed and with it also the strech marks of that area.



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