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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

Thread Lift

Our signature combination treatment! PDO Thread Lift restores signs of skin aging, corrects fine wrinkles and tightens the skin. At the same time we use hyaluronic acid filler to fully restore the subcutanious (deep tissue) volume of the cheek the zygoma or jaw area, restoring youthfulness at it total.

PDO Thread Lift- BODY

Thread lift can be applied for skin tightening to several areas of the body. The Buttocks and Thights area are the most common, giving firmness and also smoother skin texture an appearance. Also use to tighten the Under Arms area when not exessive laxity is pressent. Finaly the Belly area gives natural, mild results of skin tightening.

PDO Thread Lift

Threads are used to fill the Nasolabial Fold without adding volume like hyaluronic acid used to do, giving extremely natural results.

The best way to treat Perioral Wrinkles (smokers lines),  without changing the appearance of the upper lip!

Perfect treatment for early sagging skin over the Jaw Line and extended to treat the hole Neck area.

At the same time the quality and fullnes of the dermis Rejuvenates the Skin. 

Additional to botox treatment they are used to totally correct the Crows Feet, and also the Glabella (frown wrinkles) or even the forhead.


Signature Lift- PDO and Fillers

   Thread Lift procedure is a non-invasive, office based treatment for early to mid- aging signs. It has become very popular for being a safe, fast, painless and effective solution for a very special age group of patients that are between 35- 60 years of age, when the first aging signs appear but no surgical solution is yet necessery or desired. It treats the forhead lines or frown lines, midface skin, nasolabial fol,  perioral wrinkles and the neck area!


PDO Threads: Absorbable threads made from a material commonly used in surgery for many decades.

Theese simple straight threads are placed subdermaly in a way that creates a plexus. During the following 2 months the threads gradualy disolve and, by stimulating the skin cells, they get replaced by natural newly formed collagen. At the next step this new collagen self tightens, and tightens the treated skin area at the same time.

So the benefitits of the treatment are multiple and appear gradually. 1st the threads act as an intradermal "cast", giving support and firmness to the skin. 2nd the new collagen formation increases the volume of the dermis (superficial skin), filling up the small wrinkles and making skin glow, looking more healthy, more youthfull. 3rd the gradual retraction of own collagen tightens the skin and reduces laxity and sagging- lifting effect.

The results are natural and the treatment is beneficial for the skin in the long term. It is a safe, quick and painless procedure.The final results (maximum results) appear 3-6 months after the treatment, and last up to 2 years.


COG Threads: Absorbable "barbed" threads. Theese are long straight threads that have embeded small anchors at their length.

2-4 threads are placed at each side of the face, from the temporal area downwards. They anchor the skin, then pulled backwards and then fixed. They have mainly a mechanical way of action and that is why they are only recomended to specific cases that imediate result  are desired, not lasting long.This treatment is made to give an imediate lift effect by pulling the skin. Pain or swelling can be present for a couple of weeks. The result lasts as long as the absorbable thread is intact and this is from 6 to 8 months. 



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