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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma

This therapy combines microneedling and prp therapy, plus a prp face mask. The prp treatment is regenerating the skin but also it enchances the firming effectiveness of the microneedling therapy. This offers skin tightening and texture. Anti- aging effect.

Age: 35-55 is the ideal range

The combination of PRP and Hyaluronic acid at the same treatment. HA gives volume and support at the face and acts as a scaffold for the PRP that stays longer and concentrated at the deep areas of the face. This therapy rejuvenates and restores the aging face in 3D! It gives a younger shape and treats all layers of the face. PRP has also the beneficial effect on the skin texture and health. This is one of the most famous treatment among celebrities of hollywood!

Age: 40-60

PRP Plus- Black Eye Circles

PRP is combined with two other therapies in order to treat the persitent black circles under the eyes. It works by preventing the exravasation of red blood cells and accumulation of hemoglobin that causes the black circles, by activating cells that remove the extra hemoglobin and by hydrating the skin.

Age: all patients with black circles

Roller PRP- Skin Tigntening

PRP/HA- Autologous MesoLift

Platelet Rich Plasma is the only non surgical regenerative therapy of the skin. The  effectiveness of the therapy and the mechanism of action is prooven by thousands of reserches. It is based on the function of our own platelets that circulate in our blood and are resposible for clotting and healing skin woonds. Platelets have the ability to stimulate cells, to grow and to accelerate their function. The therapy is based on the isolation of our own platelets from our blood. Then we inject theese platelets inside the skin. There they release signals to the surrounding cells to "start working". This way, our own skin cells are "motivated" to rejuvenate themselves, to alter their functions and thus to improove our skin health and quality. 

Modes of action are:


Production of new collagen: leads to increased elasticity of the skin

Neovascularisation: is the creation of new small vessels in the skin. This way the cells have more blood to feed from and more water. The result is glowing and hydrated skin.

Increase of cell metabolism: increases  the function of all skin cells to work as they used to work years ago, when they were younger. 

Increased cell turnover: means that "old cells" are being removed and younger and healthy cells take their place, resulting in a younger skin.


In simple worlds, the effect of the platelets inside the skin ends up giving more food and water to cells, stimulates them to work faster and more effectively, and replaces damaged old cells with new ones. The result is a younger and healthy skin.


PRP- Skin Regeneration

This is the pure PRP therapy. The concentration of the platelets is 5 to 10 times more than inside patients blood, for maximum regenerative effect. It activates the cells of the skin to function effectively in order to restore health and youth. It is aplyed in multible layers of the skin, in different depth, so it acts to all possible target cells. 

Age: 30-45 is the ideal range of age

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