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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery


Facelift is regarded the queen of all plastic surgery operations. It is the procedure that can take  time back. Its purpose is to restore all layers of tissue seperately (skin, fat and muscles) to their initial place. Thus it can restore real youth, exactly as it was 10 years ago. The benefit is not only in the eyes but also in the psychology of the patient. Someone that feels young inside, active, that has the inner energy of a much younger, when he looks at the mirror his image is not compatible to his inner self and that is bringing his energy down. Once the patient is liberated from an old looking face, he can fully release his inner driving force. The benefits are life changing.


Full Facelift: When all areas of the face are treated to give the optimum result of a face 10 years younger.


Neck Lift: When the neck is treated from a small incision to restore the angles and oval of the lower face.


Blepharoplasty: Upper eylid blepharoplasty treats excess skin that can give a look of tiredness and a sentation of "heavy eyes". The lower blepharoplasty can treat effectively the eyebags under the eye and removes also the excess skin. Both can alter the most important feature of the face "the mirror of the soul" to look fresh and young.


Browlift: It is done to the upper face, the front, in order to lift the brows giving a more "alert" and "toned" look.


Facelift is a procedure that takes time back. It cannot be replaced be any other single or any combination  non invasive treatment. Non invasive or minimal invasive procedures can give a more fresh or healthy look, but they are not able to restore the youthfull anatomy of the face.

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