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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery


The central characteristic of the face can bind all others with harmony, or can be the disturbing center of attention if it doest fit. Rhinoplasty, or nosejob, will offer a harmonious nose, based on the existing characteristics of the face, so that it binds toghether all other beautifull characteristics of the face.


The treatment of prominent ears is easy and quick. Can be done in very young age so all psychological trauma asociated with that deformity can be avoided.


The operation that can take back time! Face lift is the restoration of the anatomy of the face in all layers. It offers youth, rejuvenation and restores beauty.

Face gives us our identity. It can express feelings and can reflect our character, our inner world. We try to ofter you the image that fits your souls identity, that makes you feel comfortable and confident in it!

What makes us unique

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