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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

   Dr. Nicolaos Hatzipieras is proud to have been  chosen to participate at Extreme Makeover TV show, the most popular worldwide reality show about plastic surgery. Only the best plastic surgeons arround the world have been asked to participate. This extremely chalenging project requires integral surgical skills, social and profesional sensitivity.

   It started by Dr. Fisher and broadcasted for the first time from ABC network at the U.S. Became popular all over the world. All cases treated at the extreme makeover show, where played with no filters or any other kind of digital process, demonstrating the very reallity of plastic surgery. It reveals the aesthetical as well as the psycological impact of plastic surgery.

Real patients, real surgeons! All the reality about plastic surgery from consultation to final result. The Extreme Makeover TV show!

Facelift- Rhinoplasty- Breast Augmentation

This patient was treated with a full face lift, including a neck lift and blepharoplastyfor restoration of the youthnes of the face. The result is stunning!

Also had an easthetic rhinoplasty (nose-job), to remoove the hump and lift the tip of the nose. Her slighly deviated septum was also corrected.

Her prominent ears were treated with otoplasty, that gave definition to the ears structure and flatened the ears against the head.

Last but not least she had an augmentation breast surgery to restore the shape of the breast, eliminate the ptosis and increase the volume. A natural result was desired and obtained!

Rhinoplasty- Chin Reduction- Breast Lift

After a complete face analysis it was clear that to restore harmony on this patients face not only a nosejob was needed, but also a reshaping and reduction of the chin.

By rhinoplasty we restored normal nose fuction and breathing (functional rhinoplasty) and also reshaped the bony and catrilageus structus of the nose (aesthetic rhinoplasty).

The chin reduction and reshapind gave a more even apearence of the face, making all characteristics "sweeter".

This patient suffered from her big and ptotic breast that caused back pain and blistering from sweat. Thus she had a breast reduction that freed her from all symptoms and gave here back  desireble and beautiful breasts!


Otoplasty- Rhynoplasty

This patient has been mocked from a very young age, at school and at his friendly enviroment, for his prominent ears! With an advanced otoplasty we were happy to completely atach his ears at his head, but also to create a new ear lobe and reshape the cartilages, thus creating a pair of completely new and beatuful ears!

This procedure was combined with a conservative male rhinoplasty to restore harmony of the face with minimum change of the characteristics, as the patient demanded!

Breast Lift- Abdominoplasty- Rhynoplasty

After two labors this patient had a prominent abdomen due to streching and diastasis of the abdominal wall muscules. She had an abdominoplasty (tummy- tuck). The excess abdominal skin was removed and the abdominal muscles were recostructed to give her a flat belly!

She also presented a severe breast ptosis and benefit from a breast reduction- augmentation. The ptotic tissue was removed and replased, and at the same time implants were put in place to restore upper breast pole fullness!

This patient desired from a very young age a rhinoplasty  to restore harmony of her face. She had the chance to do it and at the same time to restore her nose breathing.

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