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Ear Surgery

Ears are an aesthetic symbol of sensitivity  and delicance. They can add elegance on the face charachteristics and they are an anatomic feature of high aesthetic complexity and detail. They are refered as the "jewel of the face" due to its position witch defines the boarders and the symetry of the face, and due to their unique architecture. This is also why they are the main interest of jewelry use.


















Prominent Ears: Also called prodrudin ears. When the ear cartilage is distal from the rest of the head and has a wide angle with the face. This end up drowing the attention on the face in a prominent way that "fades" the other characteristics. It is often the reason for kids of being laughted at. This is the reason that usualy an aesthetic operation is done at very young age, to avoid mocking and traumatical school experiences.

Two main aesthetic problem may exist. One is when the upper third of the ear is poorly formed and has a protruding angle away from the back of the head. The second is when the base of the ear is very long, making the ear to "sit" far away from the head. Both problems can coexist and both can be effectively treated with plastic surgery.


EarLobe Reconstruction: When the lower third of the ear, the lobule, has being destorted from piercing. It can be completely cut or can heve an oversized hole. 


EarLobe Reduction: When the lobule of the ear is abnormaly large and wide, giving an asymetric and unpleasant shape to the lower part of the ear.


Prominent Ears

Ear Lobe Reconstuction

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