HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

Athens- Limassol- Geneva


"Our body is the image of our soul. Our purpose is to restore their harmony."

Dr. Markos Hatzipieras

Dr Markos Hatzipieras is a certified plastic surgeon. He studied medicine in Greece, where he also had his training in general surgery. In Brazil he did his first steps in Plastic Surgery and then continued most of the part of his specialty in Switzerland. Finished his plastic surgery training in a Cancer Institute in Athens.  

By the side of his father Nicolaos Hatzipieras, he obtained an early experience and deep knowlege of the aesthetic plastic surgery, what he expanded and enriched in the years that followed. He practices aesthetic plastic surgery as well as reconstructive surgery of the breast and oncologic surgeries of the skin. Also performs minimal invasive surgeries such as fat grafting and non invasive procedures like fillers, p.r.p. and other injectable therapies.

His research "Platelet Rich Plasma - Comperative differences - The right choice" got the first award from the Hellinic Society of Plastic Surgery in 2013, when the same research was presented in one of the most important congresses of "Regenerative Surgery" in Rome. 

"A beautifull and a youthfull soul needs to be in harmony with its vessel- the body. A beautifull body alignes with the beauty of the soul and permits the release of the inner moving power. Plastic surgery is the only medical specialty that treats both body and soul as one!"

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