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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

Buttocks Augmentation is a very popular operation offering excelent results with minor recovery period. The combination of liposuction at the sides of the body and the abdomen restores the silhuette of the body. The  harvested fat from theese areas is used to give the desired volume and shape to the buttocks. No implats are used and no visible scars are made. The fat is a natural and soft tissue that offers a natural feel and natural optical result to  the buttocks.

1. Fat Removal

The first step of the procedure: Liposuction of the sides of the body and the abdomen (where needed) to refine the silhouette of the body in 360 degrees, and harvest the necessery fat for the next step.

2. Waist Sculping

3. Buttocks Augmentation

Buttocks Augmentation

To alter the 360 silhouette of the body a lipossuction of the waist and the subgluteal crease (horizontal wrinkle of the buttocks) is made. This way we achieve better, high definition if the buttocks, a slim waist and correction of ptosis of the buttocks.

This is the main part of the operation, where the fat is being proccessed and then placed at the buttocks to give volume and shape.

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