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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction

This is the final stage of the breast reconstruction. It is the "final touch" to restore the completed look of a natural breast. The formation of a new nipple and areola is a minor procedure done under local anesthesia

This breast lift technique is ideal for the controlateral (healthy) breast to achieve symmetry with the reconstructed one. The main advantage is the fullnes of the upper pole that it offers, without the use of an implant. This maches perfectly the reconstructed breast side when an implant for the reconstruction has being used.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is the placement of autologous fat at the skin of the breast. This can refine the contour, the shape of the reconstructed breast. It can also correct unpleasant, depressed scars or give volume where is needed to achieve symmetry with the controlateral breast.

Nipple Formation

Ribeiro Mastopexy

   Breast Reconstruction after Breast Cancer Surgery is essential for all women. It restores their femininity and helps significantly to recover from the psychologial pain of an amputation surgery. A good looking result permits the patient to accept her new breast as her own and transform a traumatic experience to a distant memory.


Oncoplastic Surgery: Is done after a simple tumor excision (lumpectomy), in order to rearrange the breast tissue so it keeps its natural shape. Several techniques are indicated according to the place and the size of the breast tumor.


Two stage Reconstruction with Implants: After a mastectomy surgery and usually when no radiation therapy is needed. At the time of mastectomy a temporary implant- expander is placed under the skin of the affected breast. This implant is inflated gradualy during 2 to 3 months to reach the desired breast volume expanding the overlying skin. At  a second procedure  the expander is replaced with a permanent, anatomical silicon implant to give the desired final shape.


Autologous Tissue Reconstruction: Indicated when radiation has damaged the remaining breast skin and skin expantion is not possible or safe. Tissue from the back or the abdomen is harvested and transfered to the mastectomy site, with or without an implant to give the desired shape.


Refining Tools: Several refining techniques exist to achieve symmetry, to restore the breast contour and skin softness and elasticity, to correct unpleasant scars . The most popular is fat grafting. Tattooing of the aerea and new nipple formation are esential for the finalisation of a pleasant result.

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