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Breast Augmentation

The External Sizers by Mentor, are implants of different sizes that are placed over the existing breast with a bra. This is a process that is done during the first consultation. The patient can try different sizes on her body and see the result in the mirror. This helps both the patient and the doctor to precisely choose the perfect size for a breast augmentation.

This is the latest simulation technology of the field. The doctor scans the patients body with a 3D camera and process it in the sofware. After that the patient can see her own body in 3D simulation, from all angles, and try different sizes of implant and all implant types. This is the best way to visualise the post-operatively result, helping the patient to choose exactly the breast she desires.

Mentor Implants

Mentor is the best Implant manufacturing company worldwide. It is the company with longest and wider reasearch projects that focus on safety and offers the latest technology in breast implants. All implants are made in the U.S. and have F.D.A. aproval.

Using only the best quality offers us and our patients safety. By having a large variety of implant shapes, textures and sizes we offer the best aesthetic result, and also the best and most natural feel.

External Sizers

3D Virtual Simulation

   In modern breast surgery the techniques are constantly evolving towards a non traumatic and minimal risk surgery. That offers the patient a painless and rapid recovery. At the same time the technology of the implants is evolving, giving the surgeon and the patient limitless options for shapes and sizes, leading to a natural result. That gives us to the possibility to offer each woman exactly the result she desires.


Scars: The incision is a 4 to 5 cm thin line that leaves a barely visible scar a couple of months after the operation. It can be placed at the lower border of the nipple or at the submmamary fold (under the breast). After the doctors advice, the final decision is made by the patient.

Placement: Implants can be placed under the pectoralis muscle or over the muscle. No technique is better than the other and the choice is made accordingly to the physical characteristics of the patient, the desired size and result. Hatzipieras Plastic Surgery doctors are trained to evaluate and choose accordingly the most suitable technique that will offer to each patient the optimum result.


Implants: We now have two types of implant shapes, the round ones and the anatomical ones. Each type must have the right indication to be used. The choice of the implant shape is mainly decided by the experienced doctors of Hatzipieras Plastic Surgery accordingly to the result desired by the patient. Both are ment to give a natural result when used  under the right indications.


Size: To deside the implant size needed, the doctor is taking mesurments of the patients chest and breast. Thus he is able to narrow down the range of implant sizes that can give the patient a beautiful, natural looking result. The final choice of the size is made by the patient. The patient can try different "external sizers" under her bra and sees the result in the mirror. Also with the help of technology, the doctor can scan the body of the patient with a 3D camera and trough a 3D software he can simulate the final result with different implant sizes. This helps the patient visualize and imagine her body after the surgery and make her final choice with absolute precission and confidence.


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