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The inversion of both or one nipple is the most common brest deformity in women. 1 out of 10 women have it, and it is an embarrassing feature when it comes to intimate moments. The correction is an easy and quick procedure under local anesthesia.


A large breast can be translated as a health problem from most of the patients that have it. Back pain, sweating and skin irritations and the difficulty to dress up. Reducing the volume and restoring the breast shape and hight can be a life changing surgery, improving the appearance but also the life quality of a woman.


It is indicated when the  volume is sutisfying but the place of the breast is too low on the thorax, ptotic, or the nipple is looking downwards. A breast lift is needed to restore the anatomy. Different grades of ptosis require different techniques to achieve perfect results. A youthful breast and full decolte can be restored.


Breast cancer is becoming more often diagnosed from early stages. That makes it today one of the most common but also one of the less leathal deseses. Mastectomy is an amputation surgery and the visual results are connected to psychological trauma. Breast reconstruction is helping to restore the bodys symbol of femininity and helps the patients to completely put back a traumatic experience. It can offer a big visual and psychological impact for a bright new start.


The surgical techniques are advancing rapidly and so does the technology and variety of the breast implants. Today the plastic surgeon is capable of offering  to women exactly the shape and size they desire, with minimum recovery and great safety. To the decision making and the precision to the desired result we offer 3D imaging simulation and the external sizers testing to help both doctor and patients.

Breast defines the silhuette of a woman and is directly connected to womans confidence and beauty. A breast surgery does not only make a woman look better, but to feel better! When a woman desides to alter her breast she is ready to reach inside to release all her feminin energy.

Symbol of Femininity

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