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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery


This is one of the most common alternative treatments of botox! Hyperhydrosis is a health condition that can become a social broblem for the patients. Botox treatment can be extremely effective and there is no longer any reason for theese patients to worry. It prevents sweating glands to secrit and to produce sweat, without obstructing them. That makes the treatment absolutely healthy, healthier than the constant use of antiperspirants!

This is a life changing treatment for people that suffer for migranes. Although it rests controversary, the effectiveness of treating migranes with botox has been scientificaly prooven to many studies, and the patients talk by them selves. The treatment has specialized doses and treatment sites at the fron, the sides and the back of the head. 

Nephertiti Lift- The Neck of a Queen!

This is an innovative new technique that restores the aerea of the neck. This is the combination of botox and mesotherapy through multible injections point at the neck aerea. It relaxes the main superficial muscle of the neck and rejuvenates the skin at the same time. The result is the treatment of the vertical bands, the definition of the angles of the jaw and restoration of the neck line. The name of the treatment comes from the queen Nephertity (meaning "the beauty has come") of Egypt due to the strong aesthetic apearance of her neck.

Hyperhidrosis-Botox is healtier than Antiperspirants

Migranes- It works!

Botox is the most popular non invasive treatment of the face. When used for aesthetic reasons at the face, its purpose is to weaken the hyperkinetic muscles of the face electively that cause the skin to contract and ming the "expression wrinkles". Botox can be applied at the front for the "impression wrinkles", outside the eyes for the "smiling wrinkles", between the eyebrows for the "anger wrinkles", and below the corners of the mouth to restore its youthfull expression.

There are several more indication that can offer plesing aesthetic result and medical solutions.

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