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HATZIPIERAS Plastic Surgery


The number one operation after pregnancies. It has a double action, one is to remove the sagging skin and excess fat, and the other is to completely restore the abdominal wall creating a table- flat belly! An operation with unquestioned power.


This is the solution for men and women that are suffering from "stubborn" fat. This is the localised fat in certain areas that cannot be lost easily with diet or excersise. Liposuction is a treatment of that condition  called lipodistrophy and few people know about it until visiting the plastic surgeon. Liposuction restores the perfect silhouette at the sides of the body and the abdomen.


Gaining popularity very fast, today this is one of our most common procedures. The best result is achieved with fat grafting wich gives us the possibility to reform the body in 360 degrees,  increase the volume of the buttocks and alter their shape at the same time.

"Our body is defined by harmony, complex as the beauty of nature. It simbolizes a healthy and strong spirit, a determined personality. The body is the vessel of our soul in the world and our soul deserves the best."

Symbol of Strength

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